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Organic and paraben free
Love, Live, Laugh, Relax, Revive, Release

All treatments will be done by "Chloe Louise Beauty"
For enquiries and appointments call 07870 817418

Foot Treatments All include complimentary polish on toes - open toe shoes is advisable    
Feed The Sole Prepare the feet for a holiday, party night or treat after a tiring day. After soaking in a warm blend of sea salts and organic essential oils, blended oils are thoroughly to hydrate and relieve the sole. 30 min £27.00
Tickled Pink Uplifting and exfoliating: The feet are cleansed and massaged using a special blend of pink Himalayan sea salt, laugh essential oil, organic grape seed and sunflower oil. Lashings of Potionshop foot cream are finally applied to nourish and hydrate. £1 is donated to Boot Out Breast Cancer. 30 min £27.00
Heavenly Nails Course salts are applied to exfoliate dry or dead on the heels. A nourishing massage of organic rosemary and grapefruit essential oils follows, to sooth and revitalise feet 30 min £27.00
Hand Treatments All include complimentary polish on fingers    
Healing Hands Repair and rejuvenate working hands. A wonderful remedy for dry and damaging skin, following by a hand and arm massage, to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. 30 min £27.00
Perfect Palms A relaxing and remedial massage, reflexology preassure points stimulated for a holistic treat. 30 min £27.00
Desquamate Your Dorsum Research suggests we neglect the backs of our hands, so much that most people don't even know the name of it. This treatment descales dead cells and rehydrates the whole hand and arm. 30 min £27.00
Body Treatments      
Potionshop Express Facial Get a feel for the luxurious Potionshop products with this 30 minute treatment. The dace, neck and shoulders are cleansed, detoxifed, exfoliated and hydreated using a luxurious selection of organic indulgences. 30 min £27.00
Potionshop Full French Facial The face, neck and shoulders are thoroughly cleansed, detoxifed, exfoliated and hydrated using a luxurious selection of organic indulgences. The hands are cleansed and massaged whilst a luxurious Potionshop Rose Otto Facial soaks in. 45 min £35.00
Potionshop Luxury 'Top To Toe' Facial The face, neck and shoulders are thoroughly cleansed, detoxified, exfoliated and hydrated using a luxurious selection of organic indulgences. This treatment also includes a delicate, relaxing cleanse and massage on hands, arms, feet, neck and shoulders whilst a luxurious Potionshop Clay mask soaks in. 1 hour £47.00
Body Massage Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – Using a bespoke sequence of energizing movement and pressure point techniques, this deep massage releases muscular knots and tension. 1 hour £47.00
Himalayan Exfoliating Ritual We combine our bespoke oil blends with a lavish salt fusion. A detoxifying and sculpting massage follows to invigorate and revitalise the skin. 1 hour £47.00
Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment A facial for your back! A decongesting and detoxifying cleanse, that restores blemish free skin whilst soothing tension through a deep tissue massage. Essential for a wedding, holiday or party dress. 1 hour £47.00